Thursday, April 5, 2012

Keep Me

Look within
Go deep, go deep
where no one's ever gone before...
let me, let me
Inhale my spirit and feel it flow through your body
I don't wanna be just anybodies,
I wanna be yours!
Place your hand on my chest...
do you feel that?
Pull up a chair and have a seat...
try to write a song to this
million dollar beat.
Do not look into my eyes...
look through them, into my soul
Seek me, see me.
Don't have to say what I feel
I feel it, I show it
I know that you know it
and you feel it too
I know it...
you do!
Repeat, repeat
fear not repetitions of past love wars where you end in defeat.
Fear this because you've never known it before
Crave it, hold it, nurture and love it...
that much more.
Open my scrapbook...
read me, read me
Allow it to do somethin',
Keep me, Keep me!

Someday, BCD

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