Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Empty gardens

 Why, do we continue watering flowers we do not intend to grow?
My belief is that secretly, we hope they will
Problem is, most of us will never admit it.
Not because we don't realize, not because we don't want to, not even because we are afraid of the outcomes. 
Instead, what we do fear is the possibility of having to admit to ourselves we're standing in a garden and all of its flowers have withered.
or maybe even worse;one that is empty
A garden can be filled with flowers all the same
and one be overwhelmed by common color.
Roses can stand beautiful and tall as models on a high fashion runway and suddenly you realize all you never knew you wanted is the one small, white tulip in the corner.
 We fear conceiving or entertaining the thought one might desire nothing more than to witness the blooming of a flower never intended to be grown.
So, the question remains....
Why do we continue watering flowers we do not intend to grow???

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Blurry Wine Nights

Blurry Nights of Wine; sipping thoughts of yesterday refilling empty glass with wishes of tomorrow. My tongue greeted by bitter-sweet memories, awakening my palate with the taste of past adversities. Warmth that seizes time...there's only me and all my reverie; I savor brief felicity on my blurry nights of wine.


Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Have you ever been kissed?

Forget butterflies
I'm talking spiritual connection
that sends chills down your spine.
Contraction of muscles and...
Physical phenomenon
that shoots straight to your heart
electric charge
influenced when two beings conjoin one of a human's most erogenous portals
transferring magnetic waves of inner passions
I ask,
Have you ever been kissed?
The kind of force that, holds your soul captive
Apprehensive hearts unite willingly
coerced by their own unity
shoulders weaken
arms grow heavy
Gravity weighs in and pulls you closer to...
oh how sweet is this captivity
Impositions are welcome and infectious
A surface touch
exchanged tactility
a sense of sensibility
bound and disrobed
bare naked sexuality.
Have you ever been kissed?