Sunday, October 19, 2014


Some people simply feel safe in all their misery...
Some are comforted by the certainty of uncertainty 
And consistency of inconsistency 
Some are content with dwelling in the depths of insanity...
Just because they fear nothing better exists...
And that must be a very awful life
Spunky Tai

Monday, October 6, 2014

I'm afraid of humanity
and this new world era...of normalized insanity
Our means of fulfillment no longer speak language conducive to our hearts
We feed our ego's materialistic desire
and conspire
against our spirits
No one wants a fist full of feelings
give me one with cash
cuz I can cry myself to sleep
but, still
i gotta pay this
light & gas

I'm afraid of humanity
and what we're becoming
fearing nothing but to love
we brag about how we no longer trust
and yet we're dying inside
and it is love which we should trust

I'm afraid of humanity and how we boast about no longer wanting friendships
afraid of whats to come of us
when we are done with over glorified forms of affinity

there will be nothing left but puddles of patron and Hennessy
distorted thoughts and retribution
unethical actions provoked by nothing more than confusion...
of minds programmed all alike
Single handed we make choices based upon society's acceptance

and so, I fear humanity...

and I don't wanna be accepted.

spunky Tai