Saturday, February 8, 2014

Don't Go...

I can't make him stay... I can only hope at the very least that he looks passed my imperfections deep enough to see my heart and notice it is unlike any other he's encountered...the only one if it's kind.

Monday, February 3, 2014

Forever Team Tai

There comes a point in your life when u choose not to endure the verbal, emotional or mental mindfucks that others shoot your way. It's a moment when u realize they can hurt u only if you allow them to & for me that time is NOW! Fact of the matter is that ppl outgrow each other in the process of development some grow up while others jus grow left

Truth is a pill not easily swallowed so it doesn't surprise me many choke when I speak. 
I've never been a disrespectful person, I'll spoon feed you vinegar wit a smile on my face... cuz I don't come in flavors for you to like how I taste. 
I don't ever claim to be above or better 
But for many my life is a puzzle of interest
Cuz they always tryna piece that shit together.
I refuse to do it others more than what I love me...
So don't expect the royal treatment if you broadcast peasantry. 
I don't owe anyone shit, very less an explanation... I'm content wit who I am...
Couldn't give two fucks about external opinions cuz I'm not seeking validation. 
I choose not to entertain or involve myself wit drama... I'm a one man army that doesn't seek revenge... I leave that shit to karma! 
It's very simple... this I can assure you...
treat me good, I'll treat you better...
shit on me once and I'mma shit on you forever! 
Spunky Tai