Sunday, November 18, 2012

He's my favorite person

I stare at him as he sits with his head resting in his right hand; pensive.
He keeps everything inside...
but, I can see right through him
the truth is always in his eyes.
I find myself afraid to engage him in conversation
I know once I raise a question he will be unable to hold back his tears
Tears that break me down to my smallest element.
He's my favorite person and I am his.
It's as if he suppresses his thoughts and feelings for my own protection.
He is my hero and wants to save me; us.
I want nothing more than to shield him from any and all pain.
I try to explain...
situations I believe are above his level of comprehension
but, he understands because he pays attention
I am both amazed and saddened.
He is my knight and shining armor yet, I'm supposed to be his.
He knows no malice but his spirit is strong
So, strong he weakens me.
He's my favorite person and I am his.
Unafraid he is. Unafraid to say I am his "boss", this is what he believes and I keep him naive to the truth...
it is he who calls all shots.
He turns to me for guidance; prepared to follow as I lead
never questions my direction, forever encouraging.
Unaware he is my motivation; doesn't realize it is he who moves me.
I apologize for my short comings but he does not accept
all he sees is perfection he loves me unconditionally
and "mommy is the best!"
My promise is that things will get better soon
His response eternally secure " I know ma, I love you!"
He's my favorite person 
the light that guides me through the night and brings about a sunny day
Juju you're my everything, I'm o.k. if you're o.k.!
Mommy & JuJu