Sunday, October 18, 2015

If I knew then what I know now, 
I'd take five steps back and just slow the fuck down 
I would've listened to Mami when she'd say "don't rush to get old" Cuz now I'm like "damn ma I should've listened" and she's like "yea mija, told you so"
 my feet hurt from all this running 
Tryna keep up with the thing we call life an on going battle & this here's my never ending strife. I've been shattered, broken up into a thousand pieces
Conflicted, restricted, internally bleeding & some of my worst wounds were surprisingly self-made self inflicted, maybe I just wanna feel pain... I think I just might be going fuckin insane cuz while many have hurt me, its myself that blame... "Well gosh what a shame" that's what many would say... But ashamed I am not! Never have been, never will be. The broken up, broken down, Puerto Rican thickness has hit hard on that ground but she's picked herself up and although it's been rough my heads still held high, "up up to the sky" and who I am is what you see and what you see is what you get and I ain't got shit together to perfection but you probably don't either and yes, my tears flow lightly but that don't make me no weaker... Than those who choose to hide behind their pride cuz their afraid to express that their lives are really a hot fuckin mess... So please spare the pep talks, the do's and the dont's I'm struggling like everyone else but I'm doing better than most... So here's to "life" and this new era of normalized insanity of Hollywood hustlers & glorified vanity. Here's to the strip club runners no longer nine to fivers, the new millennium strivers, them up all nighters... Poppin bottles pourin liquor in the "baddest bitches mouths"  u know the ones wit the  fatties and it's ok if they don't jiggle long as you can drop it like its hot and make a twirk just a little and I'm not tryna throw shade nah I tip my hat to those who get in where they fit but I'm not tryna fit in I'm just tryna be me. 
-Tai #MindFucks #SpokenWords #PiecesOfMe #SpeakEasy #JustPoetry