Sunday, September 23, 2012



Hard work, sweat and tears
come walk beside me
 i'll share experience you could never conceive
here... hold my hands
 they remain soft even though I've hung onto ropes so rough you wouldnt believe
This girl's strut her stuff in 4inch heels 
carrying the weight of the world on her shoulders

feeling each groove of my concrete struggle beneath
and though the soles of my feet have felt the burn of a path built on generations of inherited pain
 I walk firmly with confidence
switching my hips without strain
The light in my eyes and vibrance in my smile, suggest I've known love & happiness all the days of my life
but if you looked deeper
the hieroglyphic scars on my heart would narrate quite different
 the story of a goddess and her never ending strife.

Truths virginity!


I'm not interested in blank words without substance
everyone is all too familiar
everything simply the same
Disgusted by common personalities proclaiming individuality
hot talkers and Hollywood walkers
stroll the blvd advertising dreams only they can afford to buy
Every man's a "superman" and truth is kryptonite
They drop "Gee" money on Gucci, Louis, Prada
dress the role of real
and yet still...

authenticity escapes them
no matter the price on the tag...
black market hearts can never be concealed.

Unimpressed with stiff performances
dance does not exist without movement...
try something conducive.
Eluding actions are confusing
Or am I just that elusive?

Overwhelmed with redundance
surrounded by an unknown species all alike
where the only thing thats inconsistent is
the lack thereof distinction
Im the nonstandard atypical,
in search of off base deviance.

An encounter that is different
not yet classified and undistinguished
is this too much to ask?
A moment where affirmations coincide with proclamations
Something different
something rare
like a black pearl
untrained singularity
give me something different
something like...
truth's virginity.


"You say you love rain but, you use an umbrella to walk under it.
you say you love sun but, you seek shade when it's shining.
you say you love wind but, when it comes you close your window.
So, that's why i'm scared, when you say you love me". -Bob Marley_