Monday, September 29, 2014


If I could describe all the ways that your love makes me feel 
I'd say it is like air to my lungs 
And a touch that has healed- me
Like a caged bird released into the sky 
You are the freedom I crash into 
And I'm soaring, I'm soaring on high
I'm alive! 
I'm alive! 

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

A weak mans strength

Weak man, you are strong!
Though you've grown faint from your context 
And your sorrow extends 
One hundred miles long
Weak man, you are strong!
Your skin pale, as it does not feel the sun
Only your eyes- watching...
Days come & days gone
But weak man, you are strong!
Oh, how cold your hands from those stone, cement walls 
You crave exterior strength 
Weak man, you are already strong!
Everyday in accordance with the one before 
Structured routine- no way out!
You "can't take this no more"
But, I say to you...
Weak man, stand up straight!
Search for might within...
It is inside your core
Weak man, quit your moping!
Have you forgotten your faith?
You anticipate saving 
Despair does not save
Your body held still
Than so let it be!
Your body be still-
Your spirit run free
Only a man whose spirit lives hopeless can be confined by misery
Weak man, you are strong!
Do not bow your head in anguish 
cuz all seems to go wrong
Bow steady with grace,
For he is your strength-
Through him, you are strong
Weak man do not weep 
Be not fragile anymore
Weak man you are strong!
Weak man you are strong!