Wednesday, August 22, 2012

What We Do For Love...

It's crazy what we do,
what we do for love...
Risk it all at once
for many moons followed by many mornings...
bringing unforseeable forecast
It doesn't matter though; the weather that is
inside your shining; inside there's heat.
Heat that screams....
I Love him!
I Love her!
I Love you!
The things we do...
we do, for love.
we humble ourselves to the point of humiliation
unconcerned with situations;complications
as a volcano spits lava from its core, so to do buried feelings
with revelation
and without explanation
your caught up...
in love.
Thoughts of those who will be hurt along the way race through your mind
fading quickly
holding on as always is that image
which forever faithfully stays; unlimited time
grasp that picture and suddenly
you don't care
you're aware of the consequences
every action has reaction
and you couldn't give a rats ass because
she's your lifelong search for satisfaction
and she's bad...
and your proud of her
and you wanna carry her over the threshhold...
she's always been daddy's baby; baby.
We are stupid, we are foolish
naive and inconsiderate.
we break hearts to mend our own
and tie ropes to hang on making promises to never let go
We live in our minds making our hopes reality and reality the dream we are soon to awaken from
on a morning promised.
Oh what we do,
what we do for love.

Tai_Truth BCD