Thursday, March 15, 2012

Walk Away!

Ladies, we must.....
try to stop the over thinkin'
over analyzin'
all to end up with answers to questions regarding feelings we always end up over compromisin'
for the douche who made it very clear from the beginning
that he wanted nothing more than sexual healing
yet you continue on revealing all the special parts of you
you claim just vibrate "freely"
and in your mind you're buldin castles made of sand that will be washed away in all due time
by the over flooding waves that pour like thunderstorm rains
and come straight from your eyes....
so stop creatin' illusions and feedin yourself gourmet lies on a silver platter
Just enjoy the moment
never forgetting how much of himself he chooses to flatter
don't try to erase his statements of honesty
restrict your compliments they will only feed his ego...
the only part of him he'll allow to get fatter
hugs, kisses, dinner dates, good mornin text messages, poetry, stimulating conversations
and all that swagga'
he'll put in work!                                                                                                          
none of it will ever really matter
In his mind, 9 times outta 10 your only another chick that he "likes"
translation,"I jus really wanna bag uh"!
If and when he does, end of session it's wrap!
You dropped your guard
you fell asleep
allowing doosh-bag boy to creep
so you got bitten,
you were smitten by something u knew u neva should'v started
and what once upon a time was all you wanted...
has left, and left you broken hearted.
Now, you wanna press rewind cuz your filled with feelings of regret
replaying every moment in your mind                                                
wishin' you could turn back the unforgiving hands of time                   
So take this small piece of advice and apply it to you..
don't ever play fool to the number rule: Protect oneself at all times by seeing things for what they really are
stay grounded in the moment...
don't ever go too far
and if his conditions conflict with that of your own
strength is accepting unchangeable things you cannot control...
walk away!

Someday BCD ;)

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