Saturday, January 7, 2012

My Amazing

My amazing is not grace
My amazing's name is Glory
His sound is soothing patience
like the air that lingers on a spring's morning
His eyes strong and focused
never losing a word
nothing going unnoticed
He reels you in and you are lost...
in the moment
His smile is enticing
never is it phony, fake or compromising
His world; exclusive
Only welcoming to the deep, complicated and priveledged
He's an alien to the land of simplicity and common
yet, appreciative of all...
His freedom does not ring
it bangs, it pounds
vibrates, shakes then breaks
crashes head on into your mind, your heart, your soul...
leaks into your bloodstream and takes total control
A disease that's highly contagious
energy levels outrageous
Limitless is he,
Glory, Glory, Glory!

Tai Truth

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