Thursday, July 5, 2012

When I'm alone.


Reactions that require no thought
I wake up and keep it movin
no time to slow the pace
Nah, I gotta keep it movin
and so I'm gone.
My mind plays short clips that flash at the speed of light
so fast my body can't seem to catch up
the faster I run, the more I get caught up
held up, wrapped up
hearing all the different voices in my head only makes me wanna scream SHUT THE FUCK UP!
but I can't seem to tune them out

Verbal reminders of where I went wrong
yet that's the least of my neccesities
Don't reiterate my issues becuz i'm living them
see, what I need are remedies.
I've encountered failure at its highest power
and fought back at all extremities.
Whatever the cost
I gave it my all... even if I lost

so, here I am once again askin God, "why me?".
if the last thing that we lose is faith I'm fucked, cuz all I got is half a seed
I grip tightly to the dirt walls of the ditch
all the while making ignorant wishes of how "i wish i was rich"
Cuz Lord only knows my life truly has been a bitch!
I dig my nails deeper as if to claw my way out and when I do
I keep it movin, yea I do I keep it movin
two steps into the next hole
Shit, I can't seem to win for losin

Bills, Bills, Bills
rent, car, insurance
food, gas, and endurance...
yea thats what I need, endurance...
to help me keep movin
to help me maintain
funny how I can find a lot of others to blame
I say it's their hate but I bet they think the same.
fuck it I'm movin, I gotta keep movin
Feelin like a loser right now, I don't wanna keep losin
unintentionally providing laughs for those who find it amusin

but its all good, i'm movin
i gotta keep movin
steady chasin this paypuh
this aint no walk in the park
and I for damn sure aint cruisin
chum change barely enough to make ends meet
I'm drownin in my sorrow and my ego gets the best of me
I don't believe in that word "borrow"
and the reality is I'm broke this shit has gotta be a joke
gettin hard to keep my head above water
Cuz I've begun to choke.

But if know one thing, its that unless I say
"they" will never know it,
I keep it moving, keep it movin
cuz I refuse to show it.
I do not will not accept this
I will not accpt defeat
I am strong and fully capable
so, never will I retreat
when I'm alone I cry.

#you only reap what you sow...

BCD Tai_Truth


  1. i liked reading the words as you spoke. it provided a more powerful message. good job sis!!!! love you.