Friday, December 23, 2011

Still Breaking

Much has changed...
My head is filled with thoughts of past times when I was secure in an insecure dream
Happy not with what it was but what it seemed
and so I tapped
On my walls
The very walls that blocked me in
trapping me within myself.
The walls of what was once a narrow mind
knowing not what I wanted yet
still seeking to find
and so I scratched
Along those very walls which layer after layer only made me realize more that I had and was paralyzing not only my physical being but the energy that once shined brighter than the light of the moon...
the sunflower that I was
restricted its life and desire to bloom.
Self restriction?
While assisted by other people and factors it was only me that allowed
So, I chiseled,
my way through the pain finding many brick spots only causing more damage and draining of my spirit
and then, I gave up!
Not on myself
but on fighting myself.
Then the walls themselves softened, allowing me to crack their shell
letting light shine through
Now, here I am!
I am not out!
I am not free!
I am STILL breaking!

Someday BCD

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