Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Pieces of Me...

Who Am I?

I am...
a woman, a mother a daughter, a sister.

Yo Soy Mujer!

I am a lover, a fighter, a giver, a friend...
a natural nurturer but, I will go to war for what's mine
I am both hard and soft
at the same damn time

Yo Soy Mujer!

My voice can vibrate laughter with tears in my eyes
I am confusing and interesting
a Nuyorican raised, Afro CaribeƱa
heart pulsating arroz con habichuelas

frizzy curled hair & almond shaped eyes
my brows worn thick
my culture is rich

with curves that scream come dance down my hips
experience mi salsa
upon the ones that switch
left to right with hypnotic intensity
unforgettable charisma
you gon' remember me!

Yo Soy Mujer!

Papi taught me how to work for mine
Mami always says the one thing that don't wait is time.
snappin fingers, clappin hands we speak with movement
"Shiiiit, I know that's right"

This Queen has strut her stuff in 4 inch heels
carrying the weight of the world on her shoulders
feeling each groove of the concrete struggle beneath
& though the soles of my pretty little feet have felt the burn
of a path built upon generations of inherited pain...
I was built for the blame

Clustered struggle from my Arawakan Indians
en mi bello Puerto Rico
My native tongue not Spanish...but,

Si nosotros still exist
The Indigenous people

Gold miners & cotton pickers
sun kissed mami's

I am born of Quality!

Yo Soy Mujer!

-Spunky Tai

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