Sunday, October 27, 2013

Bullshit Propaganda!

I get consumed in independence...
"girl power" is what we're calling it today
strength not measured in the form physicality
we're only as strong as our ability to "walk away".
Women are acknowledged in a positive light only when they hustle 9 to 5
respect never shed on those grinding graveyard shifts concealed as dancing hustlers of a party life
Social networks portray glamorous images of what should be idolized
you got have it all together, just for someone else to recognize
and so, we all have it all together
because "birds of feather flock together"
we all livin, we all winnin and we don't care how much it is...
fuck the price, we spendin
She cakes wit her new cake, he rakes wit his new single
we all celebrities and rappers and we never fall in love, we "mingle"
Forget reaching for a hug during harder times
affection is now just visible weakness
and we can't ever let em think we're leak links
Nowadays we gotta hide when we're in pain
Facebook, Instagram, Twitter accounts deactivated cuz no longer can you make it rain.
I guess i got a different prespective and I'm not ashamed to express it
I can accept it, I'm unafraid to confess it
it's all bullshit propaganda and we're all fucked up in one way or another!

spunky tai


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